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          JIALONG Electronic Co.,Ltd is located by national grade landscape of Wenzhou Nanxi River, it was established in 1986,and covers an are a of 12,000 square meters, Twenty millions yuan constant assets ,among 1,000 employees, over 70 managers, more than 40 technicians, and the company has been passed the attestation of ISO9001 , UL, CE , RoHS, EMC,DVE and so no.

          The company is specialized in producting and development all kinds of turning button, boat pattern button, gentle touch buttonpush-button,push-button, Leaf switch, DC, AC socket etc.through constant improvement. It has productive ability of five hundred million pieces every year, owns full automatic machinery equipments and advanced technology and perfect quality administrative system, moreover, it is experienced in electronic product quality administrative system , moreover, it is experienced in electronic product development and research, and develop different products to meet customers requirement. The product of this company with reasonable design, stable performance, sell well from both domestic and abroad, and enjoy good reputation.

          JIALONG insists on the tenet of user superior, quality first, the policy of expect more well and make great effort to create product with higher quality, and provide the best service to the consumer sincerely.

Qianshi Industrial zone yongjia wenzhou zhejiang
Tel:(86)0577-67288055 / 67288056    Fax:(86)0577-67288058
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