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Forum Fight Results and Analysis

July 16th, 2017 at 6:06 PM
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Forum Fight Results and Analysis

Forum Fight Results and Analysis
By Adam Pollack

July 15, Forum, Los Angeles – In a packed Golden Boy Promotions card, WBC Super featherweight champion Miguel Berchelt won a clear unanimous workmanlike decision over Takashi Miura. Berchelt simply was the superior boxer, with faster hands, more compact punches, and better defense, using good footwork to maintain his range to outbox southpaw Miura. Berchelt didn’t just run, but let his hands go often enough to remain in control, and intermittently attacked both the head and body, finding the holes in the relentless Miura’s defense. Despite the movement, Berchelt hit hard enough to find some respect, and even decked Miura with a short left hook in the 1st round. Miura, though blessed with a very good chin, simply was not able to close the gap often enough, occasionally winging big bombs that mostly missed. Berchelt outlanded him by far.


Judges Max DeLuca and Mauro DiFiore got it right with scores of 119-108 and 120-107 respectively, but judge Hu Minn seemed to find ways to give Miura rounds, scoring rounds 7 through 10 for Miura, while DeLuca and DiFiore both gave Berchelt rounds 8, 9, and 10. Min’s score was 116-111 for Berchelt, so he had the correct winner, but his scoring in those several rounds gives one insight into how fights often have controversial decisions, because even in a fight that was a total landslide, a judge found a way to make it seem semi-close and competitive on his card. What happens when it actually is close? A judge should never give out pity rounds, or rounds just because a fighter did better in that round than in previous rounds. Either you won the round or you did not win it, and Miura did not win those rounds.

The co-main event between WBA world superfeatherweight champion Jezreel Corrales and Robinson Castellanos was a matter of superior speed from the former versus the superior strength from the latter, and at times both had their moments in imposing their wills in this back-and-forth see-saw battle.

Southpaw Corrales used his faster hands and better footwork, outboxing Castellanos early on to win the first two rounds. But Castellanos was there to win, and when he got close, he landed the much heavier, more effective, thudding punches. Two of the three judges, Zachary Young and Carla Caiz, gave the 3rd round to Castellanos, but judge Pat Russell gave the 3rd to Corrales. Castellanos did hit Corrales low in that round, which he followed with a rabbit punch, which caused a break in the action to allow Corrales to recover. One could see though that Castellanos’ strength was coming on.

In the 4th round, a short hook decked Corrales in somewhat of a flash knockdown, though later on in the round, Castellanos decked …

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