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Kevin Bizier Impresses with Dominant Win Over Nate Campbell on Friday Night Fights

February 10th, 2013 at 8:32 PM
By Brian Bluhm

ESPN's Friday Night Fights from the Bell Centre in Montreal Canada was a coming out party of sorts for the young stud Kevin Bizier (20-0 14KO) as he took on aging veteran Nate "The Galaxxy Warrior" Campbell (36-10-1NC 26KO). It was a dominant performance by Bizier, who looks to be Canada's next big thing for Boxing. With an impressive physique and what appears to be a quality chin, Bizier got more than he bargained for from Campbell over 8 busy rounds.

Nate Campbell, now 40 years old, has had a good career, but this latest loss could spell the end. While the fight was competitive, he looked slower than usual, and while he was throwing big booming shots, he never hurt the young Canadian at all, and was being bulled around the ring by his larger foe all night. Campbell, from Jacksonville, FL, has fought 7 current or former world Champions throughout his career, and has now lost 5 of his last 8 contests.


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Bizier, on the other hand, had yet to fight anyone of note close to a name as big as Campbell's, and in his first nationally televised fight, he did not fail to impress. The first round started out with Campbell circling, eventually finding a home along the ropes trying to counter Bizier's big right hands and left hooks. He was focusing on the younger man's body, and looked very relaxed for a guy fighting with only 13 days notice.

Bizier (Quebec, Canada) towered over Campbell, and was finding a home for his left hooks every time Campbell tried a pull counter right hand. At one point in the first, Bizier landed four consecutive left hooks to the body. With a style that emulates the form of Felix Sturm, Bizier continued to work his way inside, throwing tremendous combinations of four or five punches. While Campbell laid on the ropes waiting to counter, Bizier just kept firing in impressive fashion.

Campbell was always there, though. He threw very hard shots that would have knocked out a lot of men, but he was fighting outside of his natural weight class and the punches just did not have the same effect as they did when he was younger and fresher. By the fifth round, Bizier's body work was beginning to visibly sap the life from Campbell. And though he tried valiantly, he just could not get the stronger Bizier to take a backward step.

By the seventh round, Campbell had resorted to basically just waiting, and after Bizier landed three incredibly hard consecutive punches to his face, Campbell gave one last stand and threw everything he had, but the end was near. The eighth saw more of the same, with Bizier laying it all out, he continued to throw everything he had in an attempt to get the 40 year old out of there. As it turns out, he didn't have to wait much longer. Campbell's corner stopped the fight between the eighth and ninth rounds, citing a hurt back. Boxing 101 had a clean sweep for Kevin Bizier through eight.

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