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Putting the “Fight” Back in FNF: Molina Jr Blasts Out Williams in Four in ESPN Main Event

January 13th, 2013 at 9:38 PM
By Brian Bluhm

Now THOSE, were some "fights".

With last week's season premiere of ESPN Friday Night Fights leaving a bit to be desired after the horrible scores of the Main Event, this week's promised to be more exciting with two Bangers participating, with John Molina Jr (24-2 19KO) and Dannie Williams (22-2 18KO) known to drop bombs on guys, and get dropped themselves. Molina was stopped in just 44 seconds against Antonio Demarco in the Fall, and needed to look good against Williams at the Pueblo Pavilion in Santa Fe, NM, to get back on track and prove that the loss was overrated.

"I was never hurt when I went down against Demarco before the Ref stopped it. You can watch the tape and see that." Said Molina.

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The 5'10 1/2"  Molina Jr came out throwing an authoritative Jab against the 5'6" Williams early, but that was about it. Williams threw crisp jabs to the body, and landed a big right upstairs towards round's end, right before Molina landed a huge right of his own. Those were the only noteworthy punches in an otherwise cautious feeling out round.

Round two saw Williams throwing double jabs and right hands, but since he was in a crouch most of the fight, and Molina was straight up, the height disparity was even more so than just the difference in inches, and Williams was forced to throw in an upward motion. Williams was able to land a big right hand again, and it looked like Molina was still battling the demons of the Demarco fight.

The third stanza saw a clash of heads send Williams reeling back and caused him to fall, tangled in the ropes and writhing in obvious pain. He was awarded a five minute rest period but only took about one before he was back at it. The butt seemed to fire up the shorter man, as he stormed back out, throwing powerful combinations and working his way inside. But Molina stunned him and caused his legs to buckle with a massive left hook, and he spent the remaining seconds breaking Williams down in the corner.

Molina must have sensed that the butt and the left hook were still affecting Williams, as he came out looking more aggressive than he had all night. He hurt Williams again with a right hand along the ropes that caused him to hold, then caught him backing up with a right hook to the temple that sent his man sprawling, with the thumb of his glove temporarily keeping him inside the ring. Williams tried valiantly to rise, and he did, but on the wrong side of the ring ropes. He was up before the ten count, but was completely out of it, and Molina was awarded the fourth round Knockout to get him back on track for the big things that so many people thought he had in store before the Demarco loss.

"I landed a great right hand", Molina said. "Dannie Williams is a good fighter we needed to get past. With my new trainer Danny Garcia, he wanted me to feel him out and press the issue, and then we landed the right hand, and it's no secret that i have power in my right hand, and power in my left as well".

Boxing 101 had Dannie Williams up two rounds to one at the time of the stoppage.

On the Undercard, local favorite Brandon Holmes scored a fourth round Knockout over Abelardo Esparza, Both men were making their Professional debuts.

Also on the televised portion of the card, Super Middleweight Brandon Gonzalez (16-0-1 10KO) scored an eight round unanimous decision over Don Mouton (11-4-1 9KO)

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