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A Compilation of Boxing 101′s Top Moments of 2012

December 28th, 2012 at 12:30 PM
By Sharon Scrima

It has been a tremendous year for boxing. Yes, it was marred by such unfortunate events as horrific judging, failed drug tests and several losses of highly respected and beloved members of the boxing community. Overall, however, it was a rebound year for the sport with several memorable moments. In this special year-end review, each writer here at Boxing 101 will share our top moments of this sensational year of boxing.

Sharon Scrima

Danny Garcia's Knockout Victory Over Amir Khan, July 14, 2012

It seemed virtually impossible that anything could happen inside of the ring on this night  that would match, let alone exceed, the level of drama leading up to this light welterweight unification fight. It was a bout that was not even supposed to happen had it not been for Lamont Peterson testing positive for synthetic testosterone two months earlier. 

'Amir Khan' photo (c) 2009, Bryan Horowitz - license:

Amidst all of the related calamity that included Khan's incessant complaining, Golden Boy's very public dissatisfaction with VADA and the WBA's sudden reinstatement of Khan as their Super champion just four days prior to the fight, Garcia made his own statement with his fists. After being out-boxed in the first two rounds, a single swooping left hook counter from Garcia that dropped the former Olympian in Round 3 changed everything and ignited an unexpected brawl before Khan was dropped twice more. The sudden shift in momentum, Khan's instinctive decision to brawl with a brawler and his subsequent replacement of Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach with the highly regarded Virgil Hunter put quite the exclamation point on the entire sordid affair.

Josesito Lopez's Upset TKO Over Victor Ortiz, June 23, 2012

It was another bout that was not supposed to happen with an outcome that was even less anticipated. Lopez, a last minute replacement for Andre Berto who failed a pre-fight VADA drug test, was viewed as a mere means to an end. With the "Canelo Sweepstakes" in full swing, Lopez was shown little respect with the pre-fight announcement by Golden Boy that Ortiz would face Alvarez in September.

It was not only that Lopez thoroughly disrupted those plans but the manner in which he did it that makes this a top moment. The extraordinary heart, determination and mental fortitude that Lopez displayed in his first fight at welterweight to overcome the pre-fight distractions, an illegal blow behind the head in Round 5, a swelling left eye and several clean shots by his bigger opponent to score a ninth round stoppage after shattering Ortiz's jaw (and, thus, Golden Boy's plans) will always be remembered.

Phil Clark

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr./ Sergio Martinez Round 12, September 15, 2012

Truly a thrilling end to a fight that was a slaughter for eleven rounds. This was a round that brought out the best in Chavez Jr. and showed Martinez's ability to survive an ugly situation in the ring. Three minutes of pure excitement and adrenaline to finish off a fight that lacked it up until then.

'Sergio Martinez' photo (c) 2009, Bryan Horowitz - license:

Juan Manuel Marquez's KO of Manny Pacquiao, December 8, 2012

Sports moment of the year for 2012? Best knockout in boxing history? This was a candidate for both, that much is for sure. A truly beautiful moment for this writer as a boxing fan with Marquez, of whom this writer has been a fan for many years, finally getting his moment in the sun after years of coming so close to it. The knockout itself was spectacular even without the back story. But with it, the KO became something truly special. It is a moment that this writer has seen over a dozen times in the weeks since the bout happened. And it is a moment that still makes this writer smile, almost to the point of tears.

Brian Bluhm

Carl Froch's  Demolition of Lucian Bute, May 26, 2012

When Froch fought Bute in May, it was hailed as a huge event. Bute was the favorite but, after the Super 6 tournament, everyone knew that Froch wasn't only known as "the guy who was always just calling out Joe Calzaghe" anymore. He was brilliant against Bute, scoring a brutal beatdown with a fifth round TKO and showing everyone that he is indeed a force at 168 lbs.
'Hatton, Smile - 2008' photo (c) 2010, Harry (Howard) Potts - license:

The return of Ricky Hatton, November 24, 2012

Ricky Hatton's return to the ring after three years was as exciting a return as we have seen in quite some time. He fell into a downward spiral of personal issues while away from boxing and everyone was hoping that the fun loving "Hitman" could turn it all around. He returned in November against former titlist Vyacheslav Senchenko to much hoopla and excitement. With the M.E.N arena sold out and the droves of fans singing the customary "Blue Moon" entrance song on his way to the ring, Hatton returned.
It was a decent showing for Ricky while it lasted, and the singing and horns didn't stop through nine rounds. Hatton was ahead on all cards but just didn't look the same. He was slower and less powerful than we were accustomed to and, after a valiant effort, was knocked out in the ninth from a body shot. Hatton retired officially again afterwards but this time with the closure he needed.
What were your top moments of 2012? Please share them with us.



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