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Hook, Line, and Sinker: Austin Trout Reels in Career Defining Win VS Miguel Cotto

December 2nd, 2012 at 1:33 AM
By Brian Bluhm

When Miguel Cotto entered the ring at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night against WBA 154 lb Champion Austin "No Doubt" Trout, the incredibly pro Cotto crowd was ready to celebrate what they expected to be a victory for their man against the relatively unknown Trout.

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Boy were they wrong.

After 12 hard fought and spirited rounds, Austin Trout (Las Cruces, NM) won a unanimous decision by scores of 117-111 (John Poturaj, Steve Weisfeld), and a head scratching score of 119-109 (Adalaide Byrd). While Trout clearly won the fight, the scores seemed a tad wide, with Cotto seemingly the clear winner of at least 3 rounds.

But regardless of the scores, the fight was a good one, with continuous ebb and flow and exchanges that made it seem like either fighter could wrestle control of the bout away from the other with just 1 good shot.

Trout was dominant on the outside, using his six inch reach advantage while throwing crisp one-twos, and switching his target up between the head and body beautifully while slipping and counter punching any time Cotto tried to fight from distance. Cotto, on the other hand, was most effective after bulling his way inside and working the body with combinations.

Trout was slick, and was able to escape trouble anytime it seemed that Cotto, (Caguas, PR) gained any momentum. Trout was very effective with his jab, although it was more of a "range finder" than a power jab. It was clearly bothering Cotto, who was constantly forced to reset after Trout would flick two to three jabs at a time, usually following them up with a straight left to the head or body.

Each man was throwing lead hooks effectively, and Cotto's superb combination punching allowed him to get back into the fight in rounds three, four, and five. he also seemed to have Trout's distance figured out, as he was able to close the gap and land multiple clean shots.

Round five was a good one, with both men landing vicious shots in close quarters. Cotto spent most of the round stalking, while Trout started to apparently tire. he was warned for a low blow after a straight left strayed slightly beneath Cotto's belt line.

The sixth frame was intense, with Trout trying to keep distance, and Cotto desperately trying to get inside on the taller man. rounds seven through nine were more of the same, with Trout jabbing and moving, and Cotto constantly coming forward and seemingly tiring. another low blow in the ninth awarded Cotto a small break, and the round ended with a superb exchange between the two.

Cotto looked exhausted between rounds nine and ten, and again received a breather when Referee Charlie Fitch stopped the action to tend to a piece of loose tape on Trout's glove. the tenth round was all Trout, as Cotto was doing more holding on the inside than fighting, and he was visibly marked up and beginning to look desperate.

Cotto came out in the 12th round seemingly knowing he needed a knockout to win, as he sprang around the ring and was looking to fire off first. he was determined, but after another rousing exchange, the final bell sounded, and the fight was over.

after the scores were announced, Miguel Cotto began what has become his signature "leaving the ring without an interview" walk back to the locker room. Jim Gray was able to catch him on the way, and after saying that he didn't agree with the scores, he responded with "probably" when asked by Gray if he would fight again.

Trout was gracious in victory, and showed respect to Cotto by calling him a "Gentleman" and a "classy guy". He then proceeded to call out Saul Alvarez, who was ringside for the fight.

Miguel Cotto (37-4 30 KO) has now lost two fights in a row, and three of his last six. he's only 32 years old, but has been in multiple wars during his Hall of Fame career and may be nearing the end of it. Austin Trout (26-0 14 KO), on the other hand, looks to have a bright future at 154 lbs and will cause a lot of problems for opponents in the future.

WorldBoxing101 scored the fight 116-112 for Austin Trout.


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