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Robert Guerrero VS Andre Berto: Weigh in and Fight from a Live Perspective

November 27th, 2012 at 10:43 AM
By Brian Bluhm

The Weigh in for Andre Berto VS Robert Guerrero at Dave and Buster’s inside the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, CA, was packed full of fans trying to get the first look at the two men on the scales for their November 24th147 lb title fight at the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena, just a few miles away from where the Weigh in was taking place.

'Dave & Buster's of San Antonio' photo (c) 2007, T. C. - license:

The crowd was overwhelmingly in favor of the Champion Guerrero, (Gilroy, CA), and there were even some boos scattered throughout the room when Andre Berto (Miami, FL) took to the scales. The fighters came in comfortably under the 147 lb Welterweight limit. With Guerrero weighing 146.4, and Berto coming in at 146.8 lbs.

The fighters looked exhausted, a testament to the hard work that was obviously put into their respective Training camps. After in intense stare down, the two men took a few minutes to take some photos and sign gloves for a few lucky fans. Berto walked casually out of the Restaurant to his rental car, while Guerrero was greeted by a Golden Boy Promotions charter van. Both were whisked away to their hotel rooms to get focused on the task at hand the following night.

The HBO World Championship Boxing telecast for Andre Berto VS Robert Guerrero at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA, was a highly exciting card to be at. While all the fights were good, the Main Event was terrific, and, as Jim Lampley stated, another “fight of the year” candidate. Andre Berto’s right eye was completely swollen by the end of the second stanza, the ring canopy lights accentuating the red mass and giving it a Purplish hue.

With the crowd overwhelmingly in favor of the Champion Guerrero, the feeling was intense throughout the arena whenever a chant of “Berto! Berto!” would arise, however sparse those chants were. When Berto was dropped in the first round, the crowd exploded in a frenzy of cheer. When he was again floored in the second, a lot of the fans, feeling that the fight would be over soon, didn’t take their seats again until well into the third round.

But Berto battled back. The sweat and blood flew, and during the sixth round, even Roy Jones could be seen nervously rocking in his announcer’s seat. The fight was just that good, the crowd was just that great, and a fan who attended was heard saying “See? THIS is why I love Boxing!” Guerrero outworked Berto for a well deserved unanimous decision by scores of 116-110 on all three cards. The Citizen’s Business Bank Arena is a perfect building to host Boxing, and the local fans are well versed in the sport. With most of the southern California Boxing events taking place in the Los Angeles area, let’s hope that the networks take note of the outpour of support from the local fans in the Ontario area and bring major Boxing events back to the Arena.


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